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InThe Beginning

In the beginning, there was Bitcoin. I clearly remember those halcyon days, when it all seemed so clear. “Bitcoin?” I said. Full of the confidence of the younger man. That sounds a lot like a scam to me. I proceeded to ignore it. Well, with the perfect vision one has with hindsight, and mine is 20-20 I can tell you. Bitcoin joined the long list of things that go into the ‘oh if I only had’ basket. 

So there I was, wondering where the world was going and along came JSECoin. As you can guess, I was looking for some way to mine cryptocurrency that didn’t involve setting up my own power station or moving to Iceland. Because yes, that’s what you need now if you want to mine Bitcoin or any of the myriad cryptocurrencies now available. You need power and LOTS of it. You have to set up vast arrays of special mining hardware and software. Finally one day, I was fiddling with a piece of mining hardware, and looked at the statistics and was more than a little surprised to see that it had calculated that at my present mining rate the first Bitcoin would appear in 87 years. That’s Eighty-Seven years. Now I figure I’m not likely to live that long from now, so I figured is it worth waiting eighty-seven years for probably nothing? Of course not. I thought to myself there must be something better. Something for the ordinary person. For the common man. Or as the politicians would have it, The Man In The Street. And to be inclusive – that includes Women.

The search took me to the Blockchain forums. Trawling through the thousands of posts in search of a miner the didn’t need me to call the Electrical Company. There I found JSECoin. A reference to Javascript code. Nice. No hardware mining needed, do it on your browser. Even use your old and tired laptop that was languishing in the cupboard. Anything capable of running either the mining app that was downloadable, or even just using your web browser on their website. Nice. Best of all the organization was still in ICO stage. It’s finished now in case you want to rush off. So hey, I thought this is my Big Chance. I missed Bitcoin, but I”m not going to miss this one. This one is so good it will be big. I can’t be the only person out here in the wilderness wanting to earn some cryptocurrency without betting the bank.

So invest I did. I also set up the laptop on the back of my desk and started the down-loadable miner. It working well and accruing me about fifty JSE a day on average. Adding that to my initial investment has given me hope that there will be a brighter future for me ahead.

Yes yes yes. I know. It could all collapse. The sky could fall in. Donald Trump could get elected – oh wait… Doesn’t matter. The company is rock solid, with big plans for the future. I mean big plans. 

Do you know? The miner on my laptop uses next to no power. About 20% of the CPU at any one time. Youtube uses more than that if you are running a movie. So you could, in fact, use a Raspberry PI, sit in on a shelf and let it run. It’s making you money for nothing. Well pretty close to it anyway.

The platform is very well supported, the people who run it are readily accessible on their Telegram channel as well as via their email and other contact methods. The company is UK (London) based too. Not in the wilds of Kazahsztán. I could go into the technical details of course, but you can find all that out for yourself by reading the white paper available on their website, or signing up and start mining right from your desktop within minutes. If you go to https://tinyurl.com/GoTo-JSECoin you will find out all you need to know. It costs nothing to start mining, and you start straight away. With almost any computer you are mining up to fifty JSE Coins a day, and you can’t be overwhelmed by the big players. It’s impossible to set this up on a mining farm. One account, one computer, one address. Even only one IP address for the technical. You can’t even have multiple computers in the house with different accounts. They see the network address – and bingo, you are banned. You can’t be cheated and squeezed out by the big players. This platform is for everyone.

Enough technical stuff. If you have any interest in getting into a program right at the start, now is the time. The ICO only finished a few days ago, and the coin is still cheap and new. In fact, it doesn’t start trading on the exchanges until the 18th of October 2018. What can I say?

Give it a shot. Go via the link above and get some JSE happening. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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