Reading My Books Online

Yes, it’s slowly happening.

I’ve decided that in order to share some of my books, I’m making them available to read online. You don’t have to buy them or even download them. Just go to read-my-books-online and you will see which books I have so far made available. You can tell this by the little banner – with JSECoin Miner opt-in – underneath the title link. If you have made it this far you will have either already opted into the JSE option that pops up the first time you visit the site or will be seeing it at the bottom of the page now.

This is a very small program that trundles away in the background generating JSE shares. It uses very very little resources and after the first opt-in, you won’t notice it again. This is how I am able to make my books available to you for free.

I’ve separated the books into chapters. This makes it a lot easier to come back to where you may have left off. It’s a bit difficult to bookmark what is essentially a web page…

So enjoy the new reading experience.



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