Day Time

This day clock is specifically designed to assist Dementia sufferers and perhaps others who find they need a quick reference to the simple necessity of knowing what day it is, and what part of the day it is.
It displays the name of the day, and either Morning or Afternoon. On the bottom left is the actual time in hours and minutes only, and on the right, a button if the owner wants to change the image in the background to one of a selection of 9, selected randomly.

However – the background image will change of its own accord each day, a different image for each day.
It is super simple to operate, and even for those who have lost a lot of mobility, all a carer needs to do is tap the [Day Time] icon on the home screen, and up comes the Day Clock.
There are a number of different versions of Day Clock about, mostly based on Digital Photo Frames, and while they are mostly very good, they can be expensive. With this app, you can try it out for a few cents, and if it doesn’t suit the person, then very little is lost. The device can be left on with no screen-blank enabled, plugged in to the battery pack for longevity, and is there for the person day and night. Clear and concise, keeping them in touch with the day.
It is recognized that not all people can benefit from having such a display, and absolutely no medical claims are made in support of this application. However, there are many people in the early stages of Dementia and it can help them to locate their place in time, perhaps helping prevent accidental wandering off to the shops at inappropriate times of the day.
Perhaps very young children can benefit from the simplicity, as well as people with limited literacy skills.