Draw To Jack

Lawn bowls involves delivering a bowl as close to the Jack, a small, white ball, as possible. It’s called Drawing to the Jack. Just what this app will help you get right.

In Lawn Bowls, or Indoor Bowls, it’s often necessary to carefully see who’s wood is closest to the Jack. Drawing to the Jack – often contentious! #Bowls #Bowling #Lawn and Indoor Bowls hashtags, or Outdoor Bowls on the Green venues both in #Australia #UK

Sometimes, it’s very difficult to get down on the floor with the ruler or tape measure, and not very dignified at that. Anyone over a certain age will know how difficult and undignified that can be.
Draw To Jack … solves that in a snapshot. Draw to Jack takes the guesswork out of wondering which wood is closest to the Jack. Not only that, but you can take a quick snapshot of that winning shot by pressing the little dot near the bottom of the screen. The app works best on iPhones but does equally well in the iPad range.You can stand over the jack, carefully placing your feet, and focus the red dot in the screen center on the Jack. The rings will then give you a quick indication of which wood is closest to the Jack. Indeed, which of a number of woods are closest to the Jack.
It doesn’t matter if your hand shakes and the lines wander all over, simply line up the dot in the center on the Jack, and click the camera shutter. You will then have a stable picture.
No more crawling about the floor with your tape measure, struggling to get back on your feet.
Even if you are not exactly over the grouping of woods, you can be off to one side a little way, and because of the two-dimensional effect, you can still get a fairly accurate view of where each bowl, or wood, is placed… It’s on the Apple App Store now.