iCam (Basic Video Editing)

iCam is for stitching together video and audio files that you may have made “on the road”. It’s designed with the interview or on-the-spot-reporting in mind. It can be used to put together a full news report in one video file, that can be transmitted at a later time perhaps attached to email. The back office can take car of production editing from your file.

Take a number of video files – to camera or away from camera, and record a separate audio track into your audio music folder. Back at base or on the road, you can select the best videos to use to merge one at a time into a full sequence, then add the audio to the last one as a voice over, or simply put backing music behind the video.
To join more than 2 videos is just a matter of joining A+B = C, then C+D=E, then E+F = G, then add the audio track. The audio track addition will over write any audio already on the video tracks.
Take all video in Landscape mode, as this is most suitable for TV. No TV gets put into Portrait mode!