How you can obtain JSE Coin, by mining or on a currency exchange

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JSECoin is the best of the cryptocurrencies now available. Why is this so? It’s easy to use, has functionality, and its acquisition is through green credentials. All of this can be explained by having a look on the JSECoin.com website.

This page, and perhaps some others connected to it, will be about how you can use JSE to make purchases, pay for services, and indeed in time even build a small investment nest egg. However, even if you want to just buy a book directly from this website you will need some JSE Tokens.

Let’s start with that idea. Getting hold of some JSE Tokens. The first and easiest method is to “mine” your own. This is now surprisingly easy.

The very first thing you need to do if you want Free JSECoin is to register on the JSECoin website. It’s Free. Completely. Utterly.
The very next thing to do is…
When you register, the system will ask you to create a PIN number for security. Do NOT lose this PIN. Write it on a billboard. Copy it. Commit it to memory. Photograph it. Tattoo it on your ankle. Use your credit card pin. Because if you lose it, you lose access to your funds later on when or if you want to cash out or trade on an exchange, or just move your JSE Coin about. Just like a real bank. Do NOT lose this PIN.

You will also be sent a confirmation email. You can’t open your account unless you respond to this confirmation email. It’s automatic so there is no point shouting at the JSECoin admin team. If you don’t see it in your mailbox, check your spam folder. Check your junk folder. If all else fails, try to log in, and the system will ask you if you want your confirmation email sent again. Go through the process.

Now you are ready.

Option 1

    1. JSE Mining.
How you too can sit back while the computer makes JSE for you. It doesn’t matter if you have a PC or a Mac. It doesn’t matter if your computer is a model from the last century. 1984 even. Well, maybe not that old. But if it’s sitting idle in the cupboard and is old and tired – fire it up and you can use it for mining.

The Desktop App Example

The mining software – I’m coming to it – uses very little resources. Minimal. It doesn’t even make the fan run. I have an ancient Toshiba L630 Laptop that just sits on the back of my desk with the software running, mining happily away. It gets me an average fo 50 JSE a day in returns. So now download a version of the desktop app to run on your computer, turn off screen savers and other junk, and set it running. You will find it here. Download The Desktop Ap

There is a desktop app for both Windows, and for the Mac, as well as for the Android range of mobile phones. The iOS version is coming soon.

The Android App

The other very useful method is to run it directly from your browser. Just log in to your account, select mining, and away it goes. Obviously, this requires you to leave your browser window open. Nothing on top of it. With the downloadable app, this doesn’t matter.

Website mining though is easy and convenient. Just log in and start mining, Meaning you can be at work and mining while you are in the office without having to download and install software on the office computer. Just make sure you are logged out at home… 

Website mining is very popular for this reason. You can access your JSE account from your tablet or phone, open the mining page in a browser, and let it mine. Every JSECoin you earn is one more for you.

Each coin is added to your account on the platform. From there you can sell it on one of the exchanges like LATOKEN or IDEX, transfer it to your own Crypto account on a wallet like MetaMask or others. Let’s leave that for the moment. It gets complex, and it deserves a few paragraphs of its own.

For now, it’s enough to know that you can acquire JSECoin with what resources you already have, unlike other Cryptocurrencies from last century like Bitcoin that require huge resources and consume enough power to run a small city. JSECoin consumes minimum resources and is considered to be Green Mining.

From either the Desktop, Android or Web-based mining operation, you can expect to earn on average 50 JSE per day (24 hours) – if you leave your spare laptop running in the background for example. This will be enough after a little while to make small purchases. A book for example and by the time you finish reading one book, you will have earned enough to buy the next. And all it has cost you is a little time.

Option 2

 2. Buy JSE on an Exchange (FOREX)
Now it becomes a little more complex, but it really isn’t that bad. Honestly. If I can do it, anyone can. You have a kind of three-step process going on here. Simply put, you buy some ETH. A slightly different cryptocurrency, You use that to buy some JSE. You put the JSE into your account on JSECoin.com. Now, this can take a little time to complete, but it’s very satisfying once you complete the steps and you only ever need to do it once. The companies I use are the ones I’ve found to be the easiest to work with. No other reason.

a) Set up an account with Coinbase.com Yes, it looks just like it’s all about Bitcoin – it kind of is, but it also handles ETH and that’s what we want. The JSECoin is based on the Ethereum (ETH) network. Really, that’s all you need to know. Now, register an account, and set up a payment system for the account so you can purchase ETH directly into your Coinbase wallet.

Because JSE is ETH based, you have to buy JSE using ETH. So you need to be able to buy ETH to start with. I told you mining was easier…

Be very careful, write everything down. Print out your keys to your wallet. Especially the 12-word private access codes. If you lose these codes you can never access your wallet again if something happens like changing computers and so on. I can’t stress this enough. Make hard copies if possible of everything that even looks remotely like a code. Once you have a payment method set up, and this may take a day or so because you have to verify it with your bank account, then go to the buy/sell page from the navigation panel. It will look something like this.

The page will default to BTC or Bitcoin, but you simple select Ethereum (ETH) in the little drop-down box on the right of that display.

You can see that the default currency shown is GBP. That’s because I live in the UK. You can make that whatever currency you normally use on your Credit Card. So you might want to purchase £20.00 worth of JSE. Just type in the 20.00 and the appropriate amount of ETH will show in the panel beside this.

When you complete the purchase using your approved payment method, you will be able to see the Ethereum (ETH) in your account on Coinbase.

Go back to the Dashboard.

You need to send your Ethereum (ETH) to your LATOKEN Account, (see next step) where it will be translated to the appropriate amount of JSE Coin. How to Send ETH, not buy or sell, is shown on the Help page on Coinbase.com, and covers all the various platforms. Web, iOS, Android etc. No need to type it all out again here. simply follow this link to the HELP page. It will open in a separate page.

How do I send digital currency to another wallet?

Either print it out or bookmark it for future reference. Coinbase has an excellent app for both iOS and Android as well.

ok. now to Exchange some ETH for JSE.

b) Set up an account with Latoken.com

Why Latojen.com. As I said there are only two Exchanges at this stage, Latoken, and IDEX. Idex has some limitations and costs that Latoken doesn’t have. So I use Latoken in preference. An Exchange is where you can swap one type of cryptocurrency for another.

Now Exchanges can be confusing. Initially just set up your account. Remember, make copies of everything. Write it down. Save it. Copy it. Now spend some time finding your way around the interface. You can isolate your required pair JSE/ETH on the menu, so all you see is what’s happening there with JSE. JSE is your only interest at this stage.

The ultimate goal is to exchange your ETH for JSE. (Once you have your JSE you can leave it there or for safety transfer it back to your JSECoin account.)

OK. You have your account on LATOKEN, and the main front page is open showing the exchange trades. Isolate just your JSE/ETH pair. In the Search pane at the top right, type in JSE as shown in this image.

Click on the Green highlight pair and your page will refresh showing data related to your JSE/ETH exchange rate at the moment.

… still with me. No matter if you get it wrong. Everyone does. Just fiddle about until you get it right.

Your page now will look something like this.


You need to deposit your ETH into the LATOKEN account so you can Trade on the Exchange. Remember you are trading ETH for JSE.

So on the very top of the page, you will see a +Deposit button. Click on that and this will bring up a page similar to this. Your’s may well be empty. If you haven’t already traded it should be.

To get your Deposit address, where you are to deposit your ETH – NOT the JSE. Don’t confuse them. Read the messages on the screen carefully.

Now, if you have JSE showing, change that in the dropdown to ETH, then click on the little +Deposit button on the right of the Balance display. Not the one at the top, but on the right of the Balance display.

Now you have your Latoken address where you can Deposit your ETH that you purchased ages ago now, on Coinbase. It should look something like this.

Do not send ETH to a JSE address. You will lose it forever. BE WARNED.

You can see in this image, that ETH has come up as part of other currencies, but you only need the bottom one. Just ETH with the diamond image icon. Click on the +Deposit button on the right. The ETH deposit address is shown, as its the warning, minimum deposit 0.02 ETH. Assuming you have at least 0.02 ETH. There is also a small fee subtracted for all transactions which will be shown to you for confirmation.


Go back to Coinbase in the other browser tab…. right? Still with me… Having copied that address to your clipboard.

Following the instructions from “How do I send digital currency”, you get this up on screen,

Put in your address that you copied to your clipboard and fill in the rest of the details. Click Continue. Proceed as directed and eventually you will be looking for a confirmation email.

Look in your Junk or Spam folders. There’s no point in talking to the help service, they will tell you the same thing. It’s automated and they have no control over it.

Sometimes the transaction will go through in minutes, sometimes in hours… be patient.

Eventually, you will see your balance in Latoken.com reflect the transaction.



I know. It’s long-winded. but eventually, you will be zipping through in minutes.

Lets recap.

Bought ETH on Coinbase.

Transferred it to Latoken.

Now you have ETH on Latoken, you can buy JSE.

What is of most interest is the Green Buy tab on the right-hand side.

How much you can buy depends on how much ETH you deposited earlier. So you can see the highlight bar in the third row down? Click on that bar and it will auto-fill in the amounts shown in both the Buy and Sell fields just below.

You can of course adjust these values depending on just how much you want to buy. You may want to spend all of your ETH, maybe not.

Go ahead and Buy your JSE. This will be put into your Latoken account. You can leave it there, or transfer it back to your JSECoin account

… and of course, you are sending to your JSECoin Wallet. You need the address, so go back to your JSECoin.com web page and locate the Funds option in the menu on the left. Click on that, and then click on Deposit. A popup will present, and in that is your JSECoin Wallet address. This is the address that you put into the LATOKEN SEND option. Remember, you are not Buying or Selling ETH from Latoken now, you are Sending JSE cooiin to your JSECoin wallet.



Don’t worry if you can see my Wallet address. You can only send to it. So if you want to send me some JSE, use that. Very generous of you. Thank you. Much appreciated.

Send from Latoken…

Now in Latoken, select the Wallet tab, and change the ETH field to JSE. Like this.

Highlight the Balance column. Then click on the Send button to the right. Your display will look like this. If you don’t have a minimum of 1500 JSE to send, the transaction will not happen. Even so, remember to factor in the 750 JSE fee. For example. 1500 + 750 = 2250 JSE. YOu can see in the example that it’s warning me I don’t have enough.

Put your JSE Wallet address into the address tab. Press “Request Withdrawl”




Well, that’s done for now I trust. Maybe I’ll do more later as new things come through.