London Underground Platform Mapping Project

Hi, if you made it here, thanks for coming by, and thanks for helping. I really appreciate it.

As you are no doubt aware, the London Underground and the London Overground stations have WiFi access points at various locations about the complex. What I”m doing is mapping each platform to the unique address transmitted by the Platform WiFi access point. I am only interested in the Platform access points, not the ticket hall or concourses. Just the Platforms. There may be, and probably are, more than one Access Point on each Platform. Recording the number I require is as easy as pie. The number is contained in the BSSID, an identifier unique to each Access Point.

It will look like this:

BSSID: 7c:4c:a5:c:8b:15

How do you see this information? Download a Free app from the Apple Appstore, called Fing. This little app is brilliant. It can locate any and all wifi devices within its range, however, we are only interested in the Platform wifi points for the 5 only, service providers whos connections you might see.

These are the SSID names of each network. The SSID name is the name you see in your phone setup when you are trying to connect to a WiFi access point, even in your home.

1. Virgin Media WiFi          Virgin Media, Three, O2, Vodafone and EE customers and any customers with a Virgin Media WiFi Pass
2. EE WiFi-Auto                 EE customers only
3. VodafoneWiFi                Vodafone customers only
4. Wifi Extra                       O2 customers only
5. Virgin Media                  Virgin Media customers only


You shouldn’t need to be connected to these WiFi services, but you should be able to see them. Highlight the strongest one – the one at the top of the list in Fink, and scroll right, then down. The BSSID will be shown there. Highlight it and copy it, and send it along with the SSID (The network name remember) The Platform Name, and that number, via Twitter ->  Messages -> @R_A_Chalmers 

So, your message will look like this. For Example.

Message: Virgin Media WiFi, Acton Town, 7c:4c:a5:c:8b:15

If you can scan more than one when the train pulls into the platform … that’s great. Put them all in your message. You don’t have to get off, in fact, please don’t. I need this data to be the data visible from within the carriage itself.

There are 260 Underground stations with WiFi access and 79 Overground stations.

Fing may be available for other phones too – I don’t know. Sorry, I only work with Apple phones and tablets at present. One day maybe.

I’ll update this page as data comes in.