Witch Hunt

An exciting and noisy game for the kids. On a long drive – keep them amused with this. No advertising, no popups, just the game.

Witch Hunt is a simple, ad-free game for the kids. It only requires the player to collect a series of tiles in a row, for which points are awarded. It has only got three layers or levels, all equally not-difficult.
The game is amazingly encouraging, and has a happy halloween theme that the children all enjoy.
The rules of this casual match-3 game—are extremely simple: you score points by swapping two witches (or tiles) to make chains of three or more of the same tile.

You keep doing this until you reach the target score for the level or run out of moves. And best of all, there are no in-app purchases and no hidden ‘buy me’ things that the kids can get into trouble with. There is just the game. Put the kids on the back seat of the car with their iPhones, and enjoy the music as they happily play away for hours.

Although the app really is designed for the children, adults find it somewhat addictive as well, so you could lose your iPhone to your friend or partner.