About the Author

Robert Chalmers’ books combine romance, murder, mystery, and mayhem sometimes in a fantasy setting, sometimes with a healthy dose of humour. The books have all been added to the Suffolk Library lists in Fantasy and Romance Fiction, and can be read and enjoyed in any order. You can check out the entire booklist here: Amazon in the UK
Robert Chalmers was born and raised in Queensland, Australia. He currently lives in Suffolk, in the united Kingdom, and will now refer to himself in the first person. My approach to writing is to hit hard, hit fast and leave as few spelling errors as possible. Meaning really, that my writing is more stream-of-conciousness, rather than detailed planning. I write romance, suspense, fantasy, and mystery/thriller novels and the occasional witty VIP email, all of which are designed to get your pulse pounding. Don’t let my headshot fool you – I’m actually on another adventure in China in that shot.
In a previous life, Robert Chalmers has worked as a Teacher, train driver, Teacher of English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) and hotel handy man. If you ask him about it, he will deny ever having worked as a pilot.