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Hi, I’m Robert Chalmers, an author, just like you, and on this site, I share my own lessons from the writing journey.

I have made so many mistakes in getting my books to the published stage, and if I can save you a little time and money, and heartache along the way I will. So I can share articles, and how-to ideas, even video, and audio about being a creative entrepreneur. Mostly about writing and creativity, and publishing options.

Discord: https://discord.gg/PSsrQCCQ

Who is Robert Chalmers?

Short Bio:

Robert Chalmers is a writer of Romance, Fantasy, and Thriller novels. He is also a journalist and literacy advocate. He lives in the UK with his wife and two dogs.

Long Bio:

Lives in Felixstowe, England although born in Australia and lived there most of his life. He travels a lot and i often away on book research trips to interesting places. He’s lived and worked in China, mainly in Shanghai and earlier on in Beijing. and travelled fairly widely in the Far East. He loves relaxing with a book and a glass of South Australian Shiraz and maybe even pinot noir, or a gin & tonic (Bombay & Fever Tree). He realized that it was not weird to want to be in the company of others a lot! Even if it was characters he writes about.

His books can combine romance, murder, mystery, and mayhem sometimes in a fantasy setting, and with sometimes with a healthy dose of humor.
He was born and raised in Queensland, Australia., and currently lives in Suffolk, in the United Kingdom. His writing is more stream-of-consciousness, rather than detailed planning. He writes romance, suspense, fantasy, and mystery/thriller novels and the occasional email, all of which are designed to get your pulse pounding. Don’t let his photo fool you – he’s actually on another adventure in China in that shot.
In his pre-writing life, he has worked as a Teacher, train driver, Teacher of English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) and hotel handyman and countless other jobs – even spent some time in the Royal Australian Navy.

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