Scrivener Templates

Ok, so I like creating Templates for Scrivener. I use them, and I abuse them… So far I have only these, but you will find them on the Blog pages as well. Search for Templates. I do believe the zip file ones will load into the Windows version of Scrivener – but don’t quote me on that. Windows latest: V 1.9.9 Released 8th October 2018.


Family History 71.64 KB downloads

Family History Template.scrivtemplate This is a template for the latest version of...

Spy Thriller (PC) 150.08 KB downloads

Hi, I write Spy Thrillers. I also write Romance and Fantasy, and some non-fiction. Guess...

Pulp Fiction(PC) 135 downloads

Lester Dent - Write Fast, Write Hard The Lester Dent Pulp Paper Master Fiction Plot This...

Pulp Fiction(mac) 105.44 KB downloads

Write Fast, Write Hard The Lester Dent Pulp Fiction Plot This is a formula, a master...

Spy Thriller v3 Mac 460.21 KB downloads

Spy Thriller template-v 1.7 for Scrivener v3 (Mac) Spy Novel Plots: Spy thrillers...