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The list of books available on Amazon bookstores

Robert’s Author Page (UK). Books are all available in Kindle, Print, and in some cases Hardcover. You can also locate them on the Apple iTunes (iBooks) store, Nook, and Kobo stores. The Hardcover books are also available through Robert’s Author Page (US)

This is the most comprehensive list of ways of looking at my work I can come up with. So let’s look at them. My Author pages on Amazon in the;
US:  UK:  JP:  FR:  and DE: That’s every worldwide store that Amazon has Author pages for currently. See you there.

Want to have a look at the Amazon China site?    Sure, here it is. Now let’s not be secretive about this.   Here’s a couple of links to two of my books on the Chinese Amazon site.

The Innamincka Affair and the Academic English Course Book

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Now, still going here. Would you like a Hardcover copy of The Dragons of Sara Sara? Looks really good on your bookshelf!

Did I mention iTunes, KOBO, NOOK?  and if that’s not enough, search for my books on GooglePlay!

The Girl of Kentwell Hall. A short story from Suffolk. 

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