Tutorial. Swift 4. iOS 11.2: AlertController (Appcoda)

Now then, because Appcoda and Simon Ng produce some of the nicest tutorials out there, easy to understand and implement, I’ve reproduced one of the older tutorials, and made it Swift 4, iOS 11.2 Xcode 9.2 as well.

The original tutorial is HERE.

This tutorial is not as complex as it first looks, but if you have just started using Swift 4, you don’t want the added drama of trying to convert your code from this old code to the new code.

In addition to that, I’ve put my own little tutorial in a separate zip file, that shows you how to implement the Alert from within a running app. For example, say you send your user to a web page and it doesn’t work … you need an alert to warn them.

So. For the Appcoda one, use it in conjunction with the Tutorial. Buy Their books! They are excellent.

The Appcoda updated tutorial Code is. HERE

My tutorial code. Just the code. It’s too small and easy. Really. HERE

I’ve put these together to keep this stuff in one place. I keep forgetting where I saw it on the internet, and it drives me NUTS!


Last Updated on December 15, 2017 by @R_A_Chalmers