KDP Keywords – Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense Category Keywords

Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense Category Keywords

In order for a title to appear in the Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense sub-categories below, the title’s search keywords must include at least one of the keywords or phrases listed next to the sub-category.

For authors in the UK: This category is known as “Crime, Mystery, & Thriller,” and includes keywords that apply only on Amazon.co.uk. They’re noted at the bottom of the chart.

Category Keywords
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Characters/Amateur Sleuth amateur
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Characters/British Detectives british detective
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Characters/FBI Agents fbi
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Characters/Female Protagonists female protagonist
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Characters/Police Officers police
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Characters/Private Investigators private investigator
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense/Crime Fiction/Heist heist, robbery, thief, theft
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense/Crime Fiction/Murder murder
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense/Crime Fiction/Noir noir
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense/Crime Fiction/Organized Crime mob, mafia, organized crime, yakuza
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense/Crime Fiction/Serial Killers serial killer
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense/Crime Fiction/Vigilante Justice vigilante justice
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Moods/Dark dark
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Moods/Disturbing disturbing
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Moods/Fun fun
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Moods/Humorous comedy
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Moods/Racy racy
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Moods/Scary scary
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Moods/Vengeful vengeful
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense/Mystery/Cozy/Animals cat, dog, horse, animal, pets
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense/Mystery/Cozy/Crafts & Hobbies craft, hobby, knitting, quilting
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense/Mystery/Cozy/Culinary food, cook, bake
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Settings/Beaches beach
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Settings/Islands island
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Settings/Mountains mountain
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Settings/Outer Space space
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Settings/Small Towns small town
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Settings/Suburban suburban
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Settings/Urban urban
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense/Suspense/Paranormal/General paranormal
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense/Suspense/Paranormal/Psychics psychic, telepathy
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense/Suspense/Paranormal/Vampires vampire
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense/Suspense/Paranormal/Werewolves & Shifters werewolf, shapeshifter
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense/Thrillers/Assassinations assassin, hitman
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense/Thrillers/Conspiracies conspiracy
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense/Thrillers/Financial financial
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense/Thrillers/Pulp pulp
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense/Thrillers/Terrorism terrorism
UK-specific keywords:
Crime, Thriller & Mystery / Crime Fiction / British & Irish / English london, england, english
Crime, Thriller & Mystery / Crime Fiction / British & Irish / Irish ireland, dublin, ira, irish
Crime, Thriller & Mystery / Crime Fiction / British & Irish / Northern Irish northern ireland, northern irish, belfast
Crime, Thriller & Mystery / Crime Fiction / British & Irish / Scottish scotland, scottish, edinburgh, glasgow
Crime, Thriller & Mystery / Crime Fiction / British & Irish / Welsh wales, welsh, cardiff
Crime, Thriller & Mystery / Crime Fiction / Scandinavian scandinavian, scandinavia,  sweden, swedish, stockholm, norway, norwegian, oslo, denmark, danish, stockholm, nordic

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