KDP – Science Fiction & Fantasy Keywords

Science Fiction & Fantasy Keywords

In order for a title to appear in the Science Fiction & Fantasy sub-categories below, the title’s search keywords must include at least one of the keywords or phrases listed next to the sub-category. These categories and subcategories are specific to books listed for sale on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk; other marketplaces may not support these keywords.

Category Keywords
Fantasy Characters/Angels angels
Fantasy Characters/Devils & Demons demons
Fantasy Characters/Dragons dragons
Fantasy Characters/Elves & Fae elf, fae, fairies
Fantasy Characters/Ghosts ghost, spirit
Fantasy Characters/Gods & Goddesses deities, god, pantheon
Fantasy Characters/Psychics psychic, telepathic
Fantasy Characters/Vampires vampire
Fantasy Characters/Werewolves & Shifters shapeshifter
Fantasy Characters/Witches & Wizards witch, wizard, warlock, druid, shaman
Science Fiction Characters/AIs artificial intelligence
Science Fiction Characters/Aliens aliens
Science Fiction Characters/Clones clones
Science Fiction Characters/Corporations corporations
Science Fiction Characters/Mutants mutants
Science Fiction Characters/Pirates pirates, privateer, corsair
Science Fiction Characters/Psychics psychics
Science Fiction Characters/Robots & Androids robots, androids
Science Fiction & Fantasy/Horror horror
Science Fiction & Fantasy/Humor humor
Science Fiction & Fantasy/Mystery mystery
Science Fiction & Fantasy/Non-Romantic Do NOT include “romance” or “love”
Science Fiction & Fantasy/Romantic romance, love
Science Fiction & Fantasy/Thriller thriller
Science Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy/Arthurian arthurian
Science Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy/Coming of Age coming of age
Science Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy/Metaphysical & Visionary metaphysical, visionary, theology, spiritual
Science Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy/Myths & Legends/Arthurian arthurian, camelot, merlin, excalibur, lancelot
Science Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy/Myths & Legends/Greek & Roman greek, roman, zeus, apollo, athena, olympus
Science Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy/Myths & Legends/Norse & Viking viking, norse, nordic, finland, swedish, thor, odin
Science Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy/Superhero superhero
Science Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy/Sword & Sorcery sword, sorcery, magic, dragon, quest
Science Fiction & Fantasy/Science Fiction/Alien Invasion invasion
Science Fiction & Fantasy/Science Fiction/Colonization colonization
Science Fiction & Fantasy/Science Fiction/Cyberpunk cyberpunk
Science Fiction & Fantasy/Science Fiction/First Contact contact
Science Fiction & Fantasy/Science Fiction/Galactic Empire empire, republic
Science Fiction & Fantasy/Science Fiction/Genetic Engineering genes
Science Fiction & Fantasy/Science Fiction/Metaphysical & Visionary metaphysical, visionary, theology, spiritual
Science Fiction & Fantasy/Science Fiction/Military/Space Fleet fleet, starship
Science Fiction & Fantasy/Science Fiction/Military/Space Marine troop, armor, marine, soldier
Science Fiction & Fantasy/Science Fiction/Space Exploration exploration

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