Draw To Jack. My Second Favourite App

Draw to Jack is designed to give you maximum accuracy without having to resort to awkward kneeling on the floor to measure the distance from the wood to the Jack. Any time you Draw to the Jack, a quick check with the circles will tell you just how you stand in relationship to the other woods.

Place the center dot over the jack, and the red circles will show you exactly where the other woods are. How close or distant they are. Woods on the same line even will still be easily readable, and either a fraction over or under.

To capture your shot for later reference, press the Big Red Button near the bottom of the screen and a photo of what you are seeing will be taken and stored in your photo library. These shots can be printed out or referred to at any time avoiding all argument.

You never need to struggle down to the floor again. It’s awkward and often embarrassing. Using DrawToJack will avoid all that.

Created and supported by Robert Chalmers. https://robert-chalmers.uk

Available on the iTunes App Store.


Last Updated on November 30, 2017 by @R_A_Chalmers

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