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Mystery Magazine.

The spotlight this week falls on an interesting magazine put out by a husband and wife team.

The husband-and-wife duo behind this niche magazine welcome whodunits with open arms.
By Melissa Hart | Published: March 28, 2018

The homepage of Mystery Weekly’s website features the black and white image of a man in a fedora, cigarette clenched between his lips, checking the pulse of a blond woman in an evening gown lying apparently lifeless on the ground. It’s a suitable introduction to this 3-year-old online and print publication that showcases mystery fiction from cozy to noir, from supernatural to historical, hardboiled to humorous.

Publisher Charles F. Carter and Editor Kerry Carter, married 25 years, work from home on the magazine. He also writes mystery fiction, and she adores reading the genre.

“We don’t have a home office per se,” Kerry says. “I read and edit stories on my laptop, in waiting rooms, at horse shows, in the car, on the couch…After I choose the stories for our next issue, Chuck handles the business development and website, designs the covers, and builds the issues using Adobe InDesign.”






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