Self Publishing. Guidelines

It’s pretty straight forward, really. But… do you like that? I had to add the “but”. There are literally thousands of web sites out there now where you can get your book self published. That is, do it yourself online, and end up in print on Amazon and the BUT. Let me narrow it down.

Amazon’s KDP, where most people will end up I think., an excellent service, great templates, and if you want Hardcover, in my opinion, the go-to place.

Then there are the others. Apple Books, Barns&Nobel (Kobo) and many others. I’ll eventually list them here, the ones worth looking at that is. Not the agents, which a lot of them are.

The biggest problem you will have, is Cover Design. It’s that part I’m going to devote whole pages to on my web site here. Not just Blog Posts. Pages.

Last Updated on July 14, 2019 by @R_A_Chalmers

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