Affinity Designer Workbook on iPad Chapter 2.13 Core Skills Clipping Objects

Affinity Designer Workbook on iPad Chapter 2.13 Core Skills Clipping Objects. A powerful feature of Affinity Designer is its clipping support. Clipping sounds technical and complicated but it simply means containing a ‘child’ object within the outline of another ‘partner’ object; the ‘partner’ object becomes the new boundaries for the ‘child’ object. Any areas of the child object which lie outside the parent’s outline will be masked (hidden).

Open the Artboard set. Objects – Clipping

Enlarge the section with the Clipping exercise objects.

Select the Objects

Select the darker ellipse in the Layers panel

On the Layers Panel, drag the darker ellipse (the object to be clipped) from under the lighter orange ellipse, ensuring that the object is nested (i.e., indented).

Replace it with the Undo button.

Then select the Raster Clipping object. Does it look a little like a staircase?

Select a number of the Layers as shown then you can drag them out from the drawing. This really is showing that the technique is identical to vector clipping but brushed raster textures created in Pixel Persona can be clipped to vector shapes.

Reset the block to its original setup.

You can see the Video Tutorial on my YouTube channel here. Remember to Subscribe to the Channel. Thanks.


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